About us

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A / S with headquarters in Haslev south of Copenhagen is the Nordic subsidiary of the German-owned WILLBRANDT KG. We provide service and products to a wide range of different industries. We are an old company based on more than 125 years of experience and knowledge.

At WILLBRANDT, we are experts in rubber, polyurethane, and elastomer products. We deliver expansion joints absorbing movements in piping systems. We also deliver dampers to reduction of oscillation, vibration, and shock waves. We focus on a holistic approach ensuring our customers products maintain their high quality.  

WILLBRANDT Gummitechnik KG was founded 8 July 1892 in Hamburg, Germany.
In 1994, the Danish subsiduary WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik ApS opened in Bjæverskov with Aage Christensen as director.

In 2005  Johnny Anekjær was appointed the new CEO. Since then the company has undergone several landmark changes, among other things relocating  to Haslev and converted into a limted company in 2015.

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A/S has expanded rapidly in recent years, achieving the title as “fastest growing company” (Gazelle company) 5 times. Last time in 2015 for the third consecutive year.  Resulting in our staff consisting of 13 skilled and committed employees presently.
Today, WILLBRANDT is a strong partner in the industry providing a wide range of solutions in the field of vibration damping, shock absorption, compensators, winter service and  various rubber and metal compounds.
WILLBRANDT is a close partner with GMT Gummi Metall Technik GmbH, who manufactures rubber and metal products for the rail industry primarily, all Continental / ContiTech products and selected BARRY CONTROL products.
We stock a wide rangection of our own products, both in Haslev and in Hamburg e.g. all standard rubber compensators from DN 20 to DN 1000 and the appropriate flanges.
We work in close connection with our German mother company, cooperating our large production and engineering division. Enabling us to provide quality tested customized solutions.
A large part of our activities are based on shipping, so we are geared to a fast and accurate delivery of our products throughout the world.

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A/S was founded on March 14, 1994 by the more than 125-year-old WILLBRANDT KG in Hamburg.

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik was situated in Bjæverskov,40 km from Copenhagen until the summer of 2006, when the company moved to Haslev, headed by Johnny Anekjær. Here WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik had bigger facilities as well as warehousing and forklift. Thus, facilitating better working environment and the potential for growth and improved logistics.

The Manager ofr WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik in 1994 was Aage Christensen, with years of experience as Danish sales responsible for Continental Contitech’s industry range such as” SchwingMetall”, was well suited to get to know WILLBRANDT “from the inside”.

Willbrandt Gummiteknik A/S originates form the company Hevea Gummiteknik A/S and is the product of other companies within the industry as the original owner Aage Christensen originates from the rubber and vibration industry – The connection to Willbrandt KG in Germany comes from being a customer within the Danish market. 1994 Hevea Gummiteknik was closed down and Willbrandt KG founded the daughter company Willbrandt Gummiteknik ApS with Aage Christensen as MD.

From 1994 to 2005 the company steadily grew with Aage at the helm assisted by an internal employee and an external sales representative. Slowly but surely the customer base expanded, and today we are happy to still count some of those first customers to our portfolio.

In the summer of 2005 Aage Christensen retired and Johnny Anekjær was hired as the MD of WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik as from January 1st. 2005 to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

Johnny Anekjær started modernizing the company including update of the ERP system to newest version of Navision as well as a CRM-system incorporated in the daily business..

Simultaneously it was decided to provide the company with a broader customer base, and therefore Willbrandt started canvassing and using marketing as well as implementing the complete Willbrandt KG product range.

From 2006 and onwards the staff was expanded with sales reps in Jutland. As the customer base kept growing, warehousing was necessary in order to secure ongoing expansion and quick delivery..

Willbrandt moved to new premises with warehouse suited for stocking and logistics in Haslev; “Erhvervshuset Grobund”.

Due to the heavy expansion the company was converted from a PLC to LTD setup in 2015 after a buyup of the company Vibtex in 2014.The following years the company kept expanding,  making it clear that the location is no longer suited for the desired continued expansion. In 2016 the lot “Grønlandsgade 9” is acquired and the plan is to build a new domicile with room for continued expansion.

WILLBRANDT has expanded its workforce from 2 employees in 2005 until today with staff of 15 situated in Haslev and Stockholm as well as 4 young workers. Our customer base now encompasses not only Denmark but all Nordic countries, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Baltic states.

WILLBRANDT has evolved from having no management system to being ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 certified as well as being certified according to the Achilles/ Trans-Q and Utilities Nordic.

The rapid growth with profits every year (except for 2009) has led to 5 Gazelle company of the year awards, last time in 2015, which was the third year in a row.

Our expansion continues; 2018 was our all time high and in 2020 we will relocate to our new facilities in Grønlandsgade 9, Haslev.

We have been working for years to improve our skills, to expand the spheres of our work and to use the latest tools, so you could receive better results. We strive to enhance our experts’ skills and use high-tech technology.

The WILLBRANDT Group consists of 5 independent departments. They are all highly specialized in products, production and services. Together, total solutions are delivered and we have great competencies in the various areas of expertise that benefit our customersYou can get an overview of the other departments here:


Hamburg is the head office of our company encompassing all central functions such as management, accounting, marketing, quality management, EDP and HR.

Main activities in Hamburg:
  • Engineering office with testing laboratory
  • Vibration Technology
  • Expansion Joints
  • Noise Protection Systems
  • Polyurethan
  • Profiles and Moulded Parts
  • Power Transmission Elements
  • Rubber for Ship and Harbour

In addition to stocking an extensive range of products, we also have various production establishments in Hamburg specialising in vibration technology, expansion joints and noise protection.



At our Berlin subsidiary, the entire product spectrum has focused on the wholesale trade since 1994.

The department specializes in Happich profiles and lists as well as various special paints such as Rust-Oleum Rust-Oleum®



The department was founded in 1995. Since then, the Hannover department has consistently specialized in the military, rail and wind industry as well as the following product areas:  

  • Vibration dampers
  • Profiles and lists, as well as moulded parts in rubber and PUR (also for military and traffic engineering)
  • Hoses
  • Power Transmission Elements and driving elements
  • Gaskets for gas and water, as well as wind- and military industry
  • Special Seals for cleaning, washing and sweeping machines
A large part of the products are produced at the Hanover factory. For this purpose, a comprehensive machine park (punching machines, presses and plotters) is available, as well as a large warehouse store available for quick and flexible delivery.
You can see more on our german webside: www.willbrandt.de



With the establishment of our subsidiary in France, located in the south of Paris in the district of Île de France, we have taken an important step towards the implementation of our strategic objective – the further expansion of our sales activities in Europe.

During the development phase, WILLBRANDT France will concentrate on the range of expansion joints, CAVOFLEX wire rope isolators and product solutions for individual sectors.
We look forward to the cooperation with our customers in France.


Our vision is to provide all-in-one solutions for our customers helping them to perform and deliver the best possible product.


Our mission is to be a reliable partner with our customers and suppliers, to ensure the best quality and exclusive opportunities. We take pride in our knowledge, and will take the extra step to find the best solution.


We develop with the customers and use our skills to meet the customer’s needs in the best way. We believe that our strength lies in special solutions.

We educate the employees continuously both in-house and at our suppliers to ensure we have the widest possible knowledge in our field.

Our dedicated and flexible staff are passionate about providing a good service and always focused on the customers’ needs.

Lead time: 
Many products have long production time so we continuously expand our warehouse to ensure the shortest delivery time possible.

We never compromise on the quality, it is our main focus in all aspects.

Strategy Map

In order to fulfil our vision and mission, we have developed a Strategy Map for 2017-2020. This Strategy Map is an important tool for formulating and implementing the strategy in our company. Thus focusing everyone to work  in the same direction and to the same goals.

If you can not find your industry in the overview, please contact our competent employees, they are always ready to help you find a solution

We are happy to help our customers with comprehensive solutions, even from the idea is taking form