Airports are an important player in the transport industry; therefore, it is important that the operating areas are navigable, even in winter. Runways, taxis, entrances, and car parks must be kept free of snow and ice and safety during take-off and landing has the highest priority. Optimal adjustment for specific surfaces is a prerequisite for proper and safe snow removal without snow residues on the runway.

WILLBRANDT delivers snowplow inserts both in rubber with different hardness and in specially developed PUR that has a durability of up to 40% longer compared to other polyurethane inserts. The use of efficient and high-quality wear products saves money, time and protects the environment. WILLBRANDT snowplow blades deliver high performance with low wear.

We offer blades for all requirements:
  • in hardnesses from 50 to 90° Shore
  • different blade angles for optimal clearing results
  • with and without metal insert
  • in different lengths and widths
  • for all standard branded snowploughs
  • Snowplow blades
  • Rear clearing blades
  • Snow dust guards
  • Salt spreader plates
  • Sweeper hoses
  • Bumpers
We offer individual modifications delivered ready for fitting.

We also supply a wide range of spare parts and accessories for snow removal vehicles.

wheel chocks

wheel chock can be made light (compared to all the other materials commonly
used) by creating an inner cavity or using a foam filed core. The polyurethane
gives the wheel chocks an excellent grip on asphalt and dry or wet concrete.

We make wheel chocks which are the most common means for keeping aircrafts still when parked. Wheel chocks can also be used for supporting the aircraft with its parking brake activated.

The Willbrandt aircraft wheel chocks made of polyurethane has a high load-bearing capacity, good physical-chemical properties and the capacity to retain those during most weather conditions. Polyurethane wheel chocks are cast in bright colours for maximum visibility at the ramp and does not need to be painted throughout the life time of the chock. NO maintenance required.

WILLBRANDT wheel chocks are supplied in standard length ranging from 250 to 500 mm, other length on request. Our wheel chocks has a high resistance to oils, fuels and both corrosive and abrasive chemicals. We can supply your wheel chocks with company name and / or your logo.


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