Below the train

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Below the train

Have you ever wondered what a train looks like underneath?

Well, the marketing manager at WILLBRANDT did, and after an unworthy amount of fuss and begging WILLBRANDTs CEO finally gave in and decided to take her on a visit to a train overhaul workshop.

What was it like then? Dirty, most definitely yes, but also quite exiting. From below you can see several of WILLBRANDTs products that you otherwise seldom see. Such as air springs, suspension springs, hoses, expansion joints and steering rods.

As you can tell, we at WILLBRANDT supplie a wide range of products and components for railway. In cooperation with our partners, we have an extensive program, which enables us to supply most of the products needed in the market.

Our product specialists have extensive knowledge of the unique requirements for the various trains and bogies and are happy to assist and advice you with any inquiries.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and approved by TransQ.   




Area Manager – Railway

+46 736 734 090 ∎

Danny Grønbech

Area Manager – Workshop Equipment

+45 60 22 56 87 ∎

John C. M. Jensen

Technical Manager 

+45 20 15 56 87 ∎

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