Expansion Joints

Expansion joints

Whenever thermal or mechanical alterations cannot be absorbed in a pipe system, expansion joints must be used to compensate for these changes. Where these are not considered, an overload can occur in the pipe system which, in extreme cases, can cause deformation, destruction or system error. Rubber and stainless-steel expansion joints are used in pipe systems to compensate for expansion, movement due to settlement and fitting inaccuracies. Choice of type depends on the application and the working conditions e.g., pressure, temperature, and media.

WILLBRANDT is one of the leading suppliers in Europe, we deliver to a wide range of industries and purposes. We have working partners around the world and can therefore also serve our customers outside Europe with high quality deliverances. Typical applications are heating systems, water pipes, pipes in power stations and the chemical industry. Available are also various qualities that are adapted for specific media (for drinking water, oil and district heating and wastewater).

rubber expansion joint

Rubber expansion joints

We have a wide range of rubber compensators with up to 20 different types in 8 different rubber qualities.


Has a high durability to chemicals such as acid, solvents, and basic substances.

non-metallic expansion joints

Compensates thermal expansion on all levels and absorb mechanical and acoustic vibrations.

steel expansion joints

Steel expansion joints

Can handle high temperatures and absorb considerable movements in an axial, lateral and angular direction.


We also deliver accessories to our expansion joints.


Improves flow rate and reduces pressure loss. Also protects the compensator from increased wear in connection with high solids and abrasive media.

Ground cover

Used as a protective cover for compensators in the ground, to maintain the full functionality of the compensators.

Potential equalization

Acts as an electric bridge over the bellows, to avoid technical errors and earthing problems.

Vacuum support coils and rings

Prevents suction of the compensator bellows by negative pressure.

Fireproof protective cover

Especially for use on ships as fire protection (for rubber compensators).

Threaded rods and length limiter

Reduces excessive movement, vibration or reduces noise.   


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