Whenever thermal or mechanical alterations cannot be absorbed in a pipe system, compensators have to be used to compensate for these changes.

Where these are not taken into account, an overload can occur in the pipe system which, in extreme cases, can cause deformation, destruction or failure of the plant. Rubber and stainless steel expansion joints are used in pipes to compensate for expansion, movement due to settlement and fitting inaccuracies.

Choice of type depends on the application and the working conditions e.g. pressure, temperature and media. Our engineers offer design and dimensioning to ensure the best solution. WILLBRANDT has a wide range of materials and sizes on stock, and manufacture customized versions as well.

Typical applications are heating systems, water pipes, pipes in power stations and the chemical industry. Available  are various qualities that are suitable for specific media (e.g. drinking water, oil, food).

Our customers include
  • Shipyards
  •  Pharma-, medico and chemical industry
  •  Power plants and biogas
  •  Off-shore
  •  District heating, drinking water and sewage treatment
  •  Exhaust gas systems and air intake

We offer compensators for various applications. Nominal sizes from DN 20 to DN 5000 are available. Selection of the compensator is depended on the application. In addition to this, it is important to know which pressure, media inside and outside, build-up length and temperature etc.

Typically, rubber is set up to 130° C, PTFE up to 220° C, steel up to 900° C, Non-metallic up to 1100° C depending on the task.
Our engineers calculate and dimension in order to offer the best solution. Our wide range of different compensator types is delivered directly from stock. Special compensators are produced and delivered by agreement.

In addition to a comprehensive standard range of products, additional compensators can be manufactured according to customers’ specifications and pipe systems – with and without tie rods.

It is also possible to provide expansion joints with special accessories in order to fully exploit the advantages of the expansion joints for virtually all applications.

A wide range of different types are carried in stock. Special types can be manufactured at short notice.

A tight network of sales partners worldwide ensures that competent advice and servicing is provided to our customers over a wide area locally.


We have a wide range of rubber compensators with up to 20 different types in 8 different rubber qualities to suit all purposes. We also have rubber compensators with different input materials, as different tasks require different solutions.

Our German main company in Hamburg has a large department where they only specialize in compensators. Our compensators are handmade in Hamburg, and all compensators are quality tested before leaving the building.

We therefore have a large stock of compensators in both Haslev and Hamburg, which enable us to deliver quickly to our customers.


PTFE Expansion joints

Various types of PTFE expansion joints are used predominantly in the area of chemical plant construction.

These expansion joints are used either as pure PTFE bellow expansion joints or alternatively as a combination between rubber expansion joints with PTFE facing.

We have 8 different types, so we have one for you too.


We are specialized in the design of compensators with a rust – free stainless steel bellows as flexible element. The bellows is rolled or hydraulically formed from one ore more layers of stainless steel sheet.

The use of multiple layer stainless steel compensators provides numerous advantages. The bellows can absorb both high pressures as well as considerable movements in an axial, lateral and angular direction, without causing stress on the pipe system from major adjusting forces. It produces a saving in weight and space and offers a high level of safety through its high bursting resistance.

The bellows can be manufactured in diverse variations. The bellows geometry can be adapted in line with requirements due to the flexible production equipment.

Since the bellows is manufactured from thin sheeting, it is a delicate construction. Only through assembly with a steel construction suitable for the application, does it become a multifariously usable component.

The material, the number of layers and thickness of the individual layers of the stainless steel bellows are specified according to the pressure, temperature and medium. The layers of sheet metal are welded individually with a longitudinal seam into a cylinder and are then pushed inside each other.
This multilayer cylinder is milled to the previously computed bellows geometry or is hydraulically shaped into a bellows and is then subsequently welded onto the required pipe ends or flanges.



Our non-metallic expansion joints are highly flexible expansion joints which have become indispensable structural elements in the areas of power generation (coal, oil-fired and nuclear power stations, gas turbine power plants), ore processing (blast furnaces and sinter plants), the cement industry, air conditioning and conveying technology (fans and blowers, in pneumatic and vibrating conveying systems, shipbuilding, apparatus and engine construction and numerous other branches of industry. They compensate thermal expansion on all planes and absorb mechanical and acoustic vibrations.

There are mutiple standards, but we can also design them, so they fit your needs.



The following accessories are available for our expansion joints:

  • Special designs
    – Safety expansion joint
    – Safety bellow
    – Axial balanced expansion joint
    – Pressure-balanced expansion joint
  • Supporting rings
    – Vacuum supporting spiral
    – Vacuum supporting ring with lock
    – Vacuum supporting rings with guided sleeves
    – PTFE vacuum supporting ring
  • Guide sleeves and potential equalisation 
  • Accessories
    – Earth protection cover
    – Sun Protection cover
    – Flame protection cover
    – Acid protection cover
    – Spacer ring
    – Ember and dust protection
Stainless steel hoses

WILLBRANDT stainless steel hoses are manufactured from DN 15/3/8″ to DN 150/6″ in a wide range of lengths and with diverse connections for marine, industrial engine, large-scale plant, press and automation use.

Stainless steel hoses are manufactured according to customer’s specifications in required lengths and with specific connections. Connecting parts can delivered from stock within a few days.


Rubber expansion joints should be considered as elastic elements in the pipelines in Design A (without tie rods), the rubber expansion joint creates reaction forces in the direction of expansion when subject to pressure (effective area x operating pressure), and reaction forces in the direction of compression when subject to negative pressure. These forces must be absorbed by the closest fixed points, radial plain bearings or the valve flange.

If this is not possible, there are a number of different length limiters that absorb the corresponding reaction forces but do not limit the expansion joint’s freedom of movement (with the exception of axial movement absorption). In the case of a design with tie rods, only the stiffness rates from the rubber bellow and the frictional force from the bearings need to be taken into account for the fixed points.


We offer professional an application-orientated indoor and field advisory service as well as relevant instructions for fitting our products.

Information is also available in our catalogue:
  • Bellow construction
  • Connecting dimensions
  • Material description
  • Rubber bellow transition profiles

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