Defense and Navy Industry

Defence and navy

We deliver elastic suspensions and moulded parts to the army and navy industry.
We set standards with customized solutions, maximum safety, quality and documentation.

Our vibration and chock dampers are designed to absorb extreme energy outburst.
Furthermore, we also deliver a wide variety of products such as rubber profiles, seals, fenders and expansion joints.


We offer a wide range of different shock mounts for minimizing structure-borne noise, making detection harder. Our shock mounts are designed to absorb extreme energies and reduce loads to a minimum (g-force).


Due to their excellent damping properties, cable shock mounts are particularly suitable for shock sensitive units. These mounts are designed to give years of service and are resistant to temperature and environmental influences.
Our shock absorbers fulfil the requirements of BV0230, MIL and several other shock requirements.

Profiles, gaskets and seals

We develop and produce profiles and gaskets for armoured vehicles according to individual drawings and customer wishes.  

We supply seals for hatches in tanks and ships.

Expansion Joints

We have a broad range of expansion joints in rubber, steel, PTFE and non-metallic.
Our expansion joints combined with resilient mounts are ideal for protecting sensitive pipes against shocks.


We supply complete fender systems and sealing profiles for vessels and harbours.
Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with EAU 2004 and PIANC 2002. We specialise in providing products tailored to suit specific needs.

polyurethane foams

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam (PUR) is an optimal material for diverse requirements. The advantages – in addition to extremely high elasticity – are virtually unlimited mechanical processing options and forms.

Electrically conductive HCR silicone rubber

  • Good mechanical and electrical properties
  • High conductivity
  • Low volume resistivity
  • Good heat resistance
  • Good rheological properties
  • Combustion products of low toxicity and corrosivity and low smoke density
  • Fire-resistant


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