Development at WILLBRANDT is directed towards the customer’s needs – safety at eye level

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Development at WILLBRANDT is directed towards the customer’s needs – safety at eye level

As specialists in vibration and shock technologies, WILLBRANDT is well versed in what is important in the rail industry. We have extensive know-how and a wide range of products for the railway industry. Among other things we are leaders in the aftermarket for maintenance components and we have many years of experience as supplier of primary and secondary suspension systems.

While secondary suspension systems are mostly about comfort for the travellers, the main function of the primary suspension is first and foremost safety. It is the primary suspension that ensures that the train sits firmly on the track and does not derail in sharp curves or when the train is running at high speed. For WILLBRANDT, safety is a keyword that always comes first.

But safety is not only important for the train’s passengers and staff, but also the workforce that manages the overhaul and maintenance of the train must have a safe workplace. WILLBRANDT’s technicians and Product Managers often come to visit and talk to the customers in the workshops. We have therefore been able to conclude that there is great opportunity for improvement, and there is a request for better digital documentation. The right workshop equipment makes maintenance work safer, easier, and faster. At WILLBRANDT we believe that, with our knowledge and contacts in the railway industry, we can help our customers here as well.  

"Our customers often talk about their challenges and needs, and we at WILLBRANDT are constantly looking for areas where we can help our customers. Workshop equipment was therefore an obvious area where we figured that we could help. Not only in the existing workshops, but also in those that are in the planning and construction phase. We see that the construction of new workshops has increased due to purchasing of new trains. But also due to relocation of the existing workshops from the central locations of the cities, where you can have housing today. The new workshops are now being built where they cannot affect housing construction."

That is why WILLBRANDT has engaged in a new work area that deals with workshop equipment for the maintenance of the trains. We have been in contact with many of the best producers of equipment for train maintenance in Europe and got agent agreements with several of them. This means that we can assist with wheel lathes and bogie testers for maintenance of the trains. But it doesn’t end here, because during the process, we realized that there are many new opportunities with great potential to help our customers further. At WILLBRANDT we are focused on helping our customers as much as possible. Therefore, we can now present a 360⁰ portfolio of equipment for maintenance of bogie and car.

A portfolio that includes systems from Aquafrisch for power pack and bogie wash. A good and safe system is crucial for cleaning away dirt consisting of, for example, sand, grease, or dust. The portfolio also includes test equipment for brakes, mobile weight measurement systems for all types of trains, mobile precision equipment for measuring and analysing wheel profile, brakes, rails and switches, solutions for doorways with insulating protection systems, springs testers and much more for complete maintenance of trains.

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