Environment policy

Willbrandt Gummiteknik A / S, Haslev has chosen to prepare the locally applicable environmental policy as set out in the local environmental policy below.

The policy applies to Willbrandt Gummiteknik A / S, Haslev and otherwise the employees’ physical workplace. The employees’ workplace is both Grønlandsgade 9, 4690 Haslev and when the employee works externally, such as on journeys, customer visits, supplier visits, etc. It is the management’s responsibility that the employees have knowledge of the policy. It is the responsibility of all employees to comply with the policy. At the annual management evaluation, it is assessed whether there is a reason to change the policy.

Willbrandt Gummiteknik A / S, Haslev works systematically to create a good and healthy environment. We are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, fulfilling our binding obligations, and continuously improving our environmental management system to promote our environmental performance. With a focus on pollution prevention and continuous improvement of the environment, the following policies applies.

Regarding our employees we want to achieve:

  • that all employees have and feel responsibility for the environment
  • that any manager is responsible for consideration of the environment and ensuring the employee has the necessary schooling and understanding of relevant environmental protection measures
  • that any employee is responsible for their own environmental behaviour and at the same time assumes responsibility for colleagues’ environmental behaviour

Regarding our surroundings we want to be known as:

  • the company who, in case of inappropriate environmental influences, will remedy this as soon as possible, with the least possible inconvenience to the surroundings and in cooperation with the authorities
  • the company that complies with relevant legislation and other environmental demands we have applied

We want to develop our suppliers to:

consider the environment and continuously work at minimizing own and supplier environmental influences

Regarding our products and R&D we want to achieve:

the implementation of environmental concerns in the development of our products

Regarding the production of our products, we want to achieve:

that our products are manufactured by efficient use of natural resources and considering the surroundings


Quality Manager