WILLBRANDTs products can be used in many different branches. We are experts within rubber and polyurethane products. Our main area are expansion joints to compensate for movements in pipe systems and vibration dampers for reduction of oscillation, vibration and shock waves.   

We can also deliver a broad span of other rubber related products such ad rubber profiles, PUR products, snow plough blades and hoses. We can, furthermore, help you with workshop equipment and other products for overhaul of trains.  


WILLBRANDT deliver a wide span of products and components for the railway industry.  


We are one of the leading suppliers of rubber products for industry.  

Wind power

Within the wind power industry we are known as a solution-focused, innovative and flexible partner.   

Army and navy

We are setting standards with bespoke solutions for maximal safety, quality and documentation. 

Maritime and Shipyard

We have great experience in this area and have developed many tailored products for our customers.

Winter service

At WILLBRANDT we stock blades in rubber and PUR which can be adapted for many snowploughs.


We have many years’ experiences as supplier of fender systems and profiles for ship and harbour.  


We deliver snowplough blades I special developed PUR with a lifespan of up to +40%.