Innovation ensures global competitiveness in the maritime sector

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Innovation ensures global competitiveness in the maritime sector

Large parts of the maritime sector have evolved into a growing platform of sub-suppliers and smaller companies – so the industry is no longer comprised solely by large shipyards.
Shipyards and the maritime companies have seen a turn around in the last decade through all the smaller innovative suppliers, rethinking all new solutions and services in this very old and traditional business.
The maritime industry was in dire need of innovation and new input in the form of R&D.

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A/S, almost synonymous with the maritime, has over the years developed and patented many special solutions for the industry.
WILLBRANDT started more than 125 years ago, servicing the harbour, the shipping lines and the ship yards in Hamburg.
WILLBRANDT not being content – strived to remain an innovative and quality conscious partner.
WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik’s MD, Johnny Anekjær: “We focus on development, innovation, quality and long lifetime. We develop and adapt our components to the market of the future. Keeping focus on environment, lifetime and energy efficiency.”

Denmark is among the worlds leading maritime markets with an international position of power. To maintain this in an intensive global competition requires trust, quality and suppliers who can deliver on time – and on short notice.
“At WILLBRANDT we stock the majority of products or stock them as per agreement, securing continued fast delivery. This also keeps prices stable.” according to the MD at WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A/S.
“In addition we document and distribute complete kits to our customers and their customers world-wide.”

Denmark has the 5th largest merchant navy in the world, measured on ships controlled by Danish shipping lines. Through high-tech production and special solutions, the Danish maritime sector has acquired a strong position in the global market.
“The maritime industry is the cornerstone og globalisation. No ships – no globalisation.” says Johnny Anekjær.
The global merchant navy is comprised by +100.000 large vessels, which in the coming years are in need of being equipped with new technology mindful of the environment and with new components. It is important for the industry to have a cooperation with strong suppliers, securing R&D, quality and the solution of the future.
“At WILLBRANDT we have our own engineering team, continuously testing and developing new products and solutions. Thus enabling our customers to focus on their core business.” states Johnny Anekjær.
“We have the expertise within shock and vibration damping as well as flexible connections such as compensators. Our dampers and compensators absorb extreme energies and secures significant reduced strain and wear and tear. Our engineering team is a competent partner in anything vibration, as well as shock and sound damping. Combining the various elastomers and products in the WILLBRANDT programme for the optimal solution, conscious of quality, life time and price in addition to easy mounting and maintenance.”

Since the founding, WILLBRANDT has been synonymous with high quality in the field of vibration and shock damping, developed among others for the marine industry. Examples are WILLBRANDT rubber shock dampers or Cavoflex steel wire dampers as well as scrubber systems, used in the mounting of exhaust gas systems.

Lastly WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik has been an independent supplier of fenders, complete fender systems and sealings for ships and harbours for decades.
“Our experienced specialists take care of planning, documentation, design, test and sales as well as support and on site installation.” finishes MD Johnny Anekjær.

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