New job position for John Jensen

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New job position for John Jensen

Our Area Manager John Jensen has agreed to a new position as Technical Manager. But what does the new job involve, and how does John feel about it?

Read the interview with John here:

Now you have a new position as technical manager – would you like to tell us a little about it?

Our customers will find that I am more in the office than on the road. The time spent in the office will be used to deal with technical challenges. For me, it’s about helping our customers with product selection and finding the right product. I am also going to help with calculations and documentation.

What is your background

I have a degree in engineering and have worked with technical products for 30 years. I have worked as Area Manager for WILLBRANDT for 4 years, and have in depth knowledge of our customers, our products, and the organization in general.

What are your expectations for the new challenges?

I look forward to building relationships with our customers, I will act as a sparring partner and help with technical challenges. Even though I am now Technical Manager, I still have my salesman’s gene safe and sound, I think that this will make me work harder in finding the product for the customers, which meets their expectations, and at the same time is the optimal solution.

I am also looking forward to working much more with technology than you do when you are a sales rep. I have a broad range of knowledge that I can set into play, and I have an in-depth knowledge of our suppliers.

What are you most looking forward to?

To get started with the challenges that our customers have, and thereby help them to develop their products. I have a hope that when a task comes along, we solve it together for the benefit of our customers.

I still get to talk to many of our customers and meet a lot of people – that’s what I like most of all.

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