New QA Manager at WILLBRANDT

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New QA Manager at WILLBRANDT

At WILLBRANDT we have employed Nils Hellesøe Poulsen as QA Manager.

We are really happy that Nils have chosen to say yes to come and work for us. We have asked Nils a few questions about his background in a short interview.

Tell us a little about yourself
Who are you and what is your background?

Well, my name is Nils, I am 37 years old and live in Stevns where I am born and raised.
I lived in Copenhagen for many years but in 2020 we bought a house with plenty of land, which gives me the breathing space that I need. A space that I use for growing vegetables which gives me great pleasure. We are already almost self-sufficient in vegetables, and I am aiming for self-sufficiency in vegetables, meat and honey.
Apart form working in the garden, I use my spare time at weightlifting, playing computer games and poker. Moreover, am I interested in history and are acquainting myself with classical literature.

The Quality Assurance Manager at my previous workplace trained me within quality assurance in the automobile industry. I have worked as QA Manager since 2015, with responsibility for entrance control and complaint processing. I was also responsible for our quality assurance system, ISO 9001 and in 2020 I was approved as internal auditor for Bureau Veritas.

What made you choose WILLBRANDT?

I have worked in the same company for many years, so I needed new challenges and new inputs.
At WILLBRANDT I will also be responsible for quality and environment and I am looking very much forward to the interesting challenges, as well as using my skills to the advantages of WILLBRANDT.

Which areas will be your focus areas?

To begin with I will pay most attention to the quality management system. Later it will be on complaints, and how I can help our salesforce through a complaint process to the best possible satisfaction for both our customers and WILLBRANDT.

And just like WILLBRANDT, I think that the environmental part is really important, so I am excited developing this area further.

What are you mostly looking forward to?  

First and foremost, to get to know my new colleagues, but also to take our quality management system to the next level, where I can be of even better use for the entire organisation.
Quality assurance is one of those things that I like to work with best of all.

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