New sales rep for East Sweden and Norway

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New sales rep for East Sweden and Norway

WILLBRANDT has expanded the Swedish sales team further and have hired Anders Jonsson to take care of our customers in East Sweden and Norway.

At WILLBRANDT, we welcome our new colleague, and we are very much looking forward for us and our customers to get to know him.

Here you can read a short interview with Anders, where he tells a little about himself and the expectations he has for the future together with WILLBRANDT.

Tell us a little about yourself
Who are you and what is your background?

Well, my name is Anders Jonsson, I live with my wife in a house near the coast in Oskarshamn in Sweden. And I am so lucky that my two grown children both have chosen to live in Oskarshamn, so I can see them quite often.
I have a long history within sales, I have worked for both local and international organisations. I have worked for large companies such as 3M and Carlisle, but I have also worked for small local Swedish companies such as ECCO Finishing.

What made you choose WILLBRANDT?

I really like the width; WILLBRANDT covers a lot of different industries, and that allows me to have very varied work life, where I can meet a lot of different people. Also, it is a relatively small company, which means that decisions can be made a lot quicker. That can make a huge difference in helping the customers, as they too have a business to handle.

What areas will be your focus area

I will be working with a little of everything, except railway. I will be covering both Sweden and Norway with a broad product portfolio.

What are you mostly looking forward to?

I am really looking forward meeting new customers from many different business areas and help them to better their business. I have always worked with technical sales, so I am quite confident that I can make a difference.

What are your expectations for the job?

Well as I have mentioned I love to meet many different kinds of people from different business areas, so I expect that I get to do just that. Also, I have never worked neither in a Danish nor in a German company before. So, I expect that I will learn more about the Danish and the German work culture. 

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