Our Quality policy

takes customer requirements and expectations in to consideration, on all levels within the company. Thus, obligating and ensuring continuous improvement. It is the foundation of determining and executing our quality objectives.
It is the guide line for all employees in the execution of their tasks. Management is responsible for implementing and ensuring all employees understands our quality policy.

The quality policy is structured as follows:
  • High focus on quality and service in all the company´s business areas.
  • Consideration to the requirements of customers, standards, legislation etc.
  • Pålidelighed og kontinuitet i samarbejdet med kunder og leverandører.
  • Carefully defined, understandable and sustainable processes.
  • Quality assurance by separate scrutiny of impact assessments as well as technical and electronic test methods.
  • Regular examination and continuous improvement of existing procedures
  • High degree of flexibility within the organisation.
  • Highly professional employees.

Quality rests on each individual employee. Management as well as each individual employee must act as a role model for their area of responsibility.

The company’s environmental policy has been laid out by management and regularly assessed with regards to suitability and efficiency. It is revised if necessary.

Environmental policy structure

  • High environmental awareness in all the company’s work areas.
  • Consideration to the requirements from customers, standards and legislation etc.
  • Reliability and continuity in the cooperation with customers and suppliers.
  • Well defined and sustainable processes.
  • Regular control and ongoing improvements of existing procedures.
  • Highly flexible organisation.

The environmental policy considers customer and normative requirements as well as legislation.

The environmental policy serves as a guideline for all employees in the carrying out of their work. Management is responsible for the policies being known, understood and implemented throughout the whole company.