Quality Policy

Quality policy


To be ahead of the development and offer our customers new and innovative solutions.

To be a trustworthy partner for our customers and suppliers and thereby ensuring exclusive possibilities.

To do our outmost to find the best possible solution.

To use our knowledge to add value to our customers products and operating environment.

To secure our customers products:

  •  Against vibration and shock
  • Against expansions and contractions
  • For optimal flow of medias
  • Against noise, dust and moisture
  • Against unnecessary wear and tear

It is our target to offer overall solutions to our customers, and thereby assist in deliverance of the best possible solution.

It is our ambition to understand our customers demands and expectations and offer quality solutions according to applicable standards and regulations.

We will help our suppliers develop and share our ambition of continuous process improvement and high quality.

We will be CO2 neutral in 2035.

We will act according to UN world goals where applicable.

We aim for continuous economic strength, stability and being a reliable business partner and workplace.


Our employees are our most valuable active. They are chosen due to their professional and personal qualifications and are further educated and trained on a continuous basis.

We are proud of our knowledge and will always do our outmost to find the best solution.

We work across professions and country borders to find the best solution for our customers.

We do not compromise with quality.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers’ satisfaction is a key area of ​​interest for our company, and we measure it regularly.

We are constantly working to improve:

  • Product quality, including satisfactory deviations management and reduction of deviations
  • Delivery reliability, including delivery on time
  • Customer service, including technical support and fast response times


Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are selected based on professional and personal qualifications and are continuously trained.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That is why we collaborate with strong suppliers as partners who share our understanding of quality and awareness of the environment.

We help our suppliers to develop by servicing them intensively, so that they also share in our ambition to continuously improve our and their processes.