At WILLBRANDT we are specialists in rubber-to-metal parts. We supply components for vibration damping, cabling, transport solutions, sealing etc. of high quality for all industries.

We have a wide range of standard products, but we also offer special solutions, as well as develop new products together with our customers.

Vibration dampers & shcok Absorbers

We are specialists within removal and reduction of noise and oscillation from engines, pumps and machinery as well as reduction of shock.  

Primary springs

Our primary springs for trains are vibration dampers of high quality with a long life span.  


Secondary air spring systems

We broad knowledge of air spring systems for the railway industry, and we deliver secondary springs of high quality.     


Our spherical bearings and guide rods have a large capacity in the radial direction, and also operate under axial load.


Our PUR products have good flexibility over a wide temperature range. They are shock-absorbing, withstand high loads and have very high wear resistance.

Expansion joints

When thermal or mechanical changes cannot be absorbed into a piping system, expansion joints are needed to compensate for these changes.


WILLBRANDT supplies a wide range of hand-built hoses in dimensions from DN 20 up to DN 600. 



Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with EAU 2004 and PIANC 2002.


Moulded parts are formed in a pressing process. A simple press form, injection form or injection moulding process may be used, depending on the number of pieces, quality, and design.

Profiles and lists

We offer a wide range of rubber profiles and moulded parts. We develop and produce special solutions according to the requirement specification or an existing sample.


WILLBRANDTs crane pads and crane shoes distribute the pressure load. The products are easy to handle, wear-resistant and developed for the Nordic weather.  

rubber snowplough blades


We supply a wide range of different types of snowploughs blades and slush blades.