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WILLBRANDT develop and produce according to individual drawings and customer samples and specifications to provide the right product for every need. With the customer, we can determine the optimum quality for the respective application, from our large variety of elastomer and polymers. For decades the company has been  representing the hose programe of Continental Contitech including their renowned brands Contitech, Phoenix, Paguag and Blaudieck.

These brands are known for high quality, safety and long life time, offering low maintenance costs.

We offer :
  • Edge protection profiles
  • Clamping and filler profiles
  • Corner vulcanized frames and rings
  • Different shaped cords
  • Moulded parts according to drawings
  • Rubber-metal and rubber-fabric joints
  • Bellows
  • Moulded flex hoses in various materials
  • Turbo and cooling hoses
  • Crane pads
  • Cable glands

We add profile to your requirements. Our range of extruded rubber profiles include:

  • Edge protection profiles
  • Clamp and filler profiles
  • Finger protection profiles
  • Profile cord rings and frames
  • Profile cords by the metre according to customer drawing
  • Round and square cords
  • Cellular rubber profiles
Profile cord rings and frames

By vulcanizing individual sections, almost all profiling parameters can be prefabricated to form a closed frame. Good durability can be achieved using corner heat shapes. A glued corner section is available for corners that are not exposed to excessive loads.

Profile lines can be further processed by manual joining of the ends or in the minor. The seams can be vulcanized or glued.

Support plates
Support plates, -shoes and holders

The foot/plate on the crane, lift or truck’s support leg is relatively small, causing a huge pressure on the coating, which often consists of a soft surface. Support plates/shoes or a combination of these, are fully applicable when you need a safe and firm surface and ensure that you do not damage the coating.

WILLBRANDT support plates and shoes distribute the pressure load. The products are easy to handle, durable and developed for the Nordic weather. The plates and shoes are also suitable for work lifts, special cranes, scaffolding and construction machines.

WILLBRANDT has a wide range of different sizes and designs in stock, and can offer special colors, logos etc.

Storing the plates is no problem. Our holders can be screwed or welded. These holders are made in different sizes to fit the plates and come with a lock to make a theft difficult.

Special elastomer articles

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the production of special articles of fabric reinforced elastomer products.

  • Environmental seals for wind turbines
  • Covers for offshore applications
  • Special seals for shipbuilding
Plastic Parts

The WILLBRANDT range of thermoplastics includes injection moulded articles as well as turned and milled parts from all standard materials, e.g. ABS, PA, PE, PP, POM, PTFE, PVC.

We also offer rubber/plastic and plastic/TPE composite materials.


Ribbons and accessories

Conveyor belts for e.g. woodworking machines or bands with wavy edges and / or hawkers are delivered on request.

The accessories program includes shock and support rings (Rota-Frix), wear rubber and drum covers, not to forget, the very environmentally friendly rubber glue also known as “CONTI SECUR” cold adhesive, which is used for rubber and rubber adhesives on rubber!

In addition, we have secondary adhesive and glue for silicone.

Wear products

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik has extensive experience in products used where there are high wear and tear. Therefore, we have a stock of various wear products and a large number of partners in Europe. So we can deliver fenders, rubber rails and various wheels and hubs that are subjected to rubber or PUR.

Rubber and Rotors

Used as wearing parts in eccentric nipple pumps for pumping different liquid media, such as sludge, sewage, chemicals, oil, etc.
Please inquire about usages, dimensions and characteristics.

Friction rings, support rings, Rotafix and other parts in rubber and PUR for the concrete industry are stocked. Special tasks are solved.


Our competent team of engineers are happy to provide advice already in the development phase of new products. The wide range of services we offer for the development and modification of rubber and plastic products includes:

  • Spring characteristic calculations in our in-house testing laboratory
  • FEM calculations
  • Local advice by our sales engineers
  • Drawing and models in 2D and 3D format

Material selection takes place in close co-operation with our customers.

We also process standard rubber compounds, e.g. NR, BR, IR, EPDM, CR, SBR, NBR, H-NBR, IIR, FKM, CSM, silicone as well as cellular rubber and a variety of thermoplastics.


In addition to standard solutions, WILLBRANDT also offers individual solutions that are tailored to specific customer requirements.

A few examples of the diverse applications are listed below:

  • Vehicle construction
  • Wind energy
  • Shipbuilding
  • General machine construction