pur | polyurethan


Today, Polyurethane is used everywhere in the industry, but also in private households. We see PUR in many products, for example diaphragms, gaskets, shoe sole, car parts, shoes and so on.

Since the acquisition of Vibtex, WILLBRANDT has significantly increased the product range within PUR.

At WILLBRANDT we use PUR for:
  • Snowplough blades
  • Salt spreaders
  • Membranes
  • Lists
  • Gaskets
  • Moldings
  • Shock Protection

PUR / Polyurethane is available in several hardnesses from soft and elastic to solid, hard and form stable. Regardless of the firmness, Polyurethane is extremely resistant to solvents, petrol and oil, and can withstand extreme weather influences and UV radiation

Resistant including oils, gasoline, solvents and underwater environments. Polyurethane can also withstand harsh outdoor environments with UV radiation, precipitation and wind.

pur for winter services

Snowplough blades

For many years WILLBRANDT has focused on snow plows in rubber.

But efter the acquisition of the company Vibtex, we are now also focusing on more durable blades made of Polyurethane, especially for airports we have developed a blade that gives up to 40% longer service life than before.

At our warehouse in Haslev, south of Copenhagen, we have all the usual dimensions made of rubber and polyurethane as well as steel. We can supply to all ploughs.

We also store large numbers of finished goods, such as:

  • Spreading plate
  • Assay buffers and dampers in PUR
  • Sliding shoe in polyurethane
  • Molded polyurethane sheath for many different plows
  • Various suspension

WILLBRANDT is always ready to advise on the choice of material and hardness.

In addition, we are able to cut and drill, so the products are ready for assembly.