Quality assurance creates value for businesses

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Quality assurance creates value for businesses

Quality plays a decisive role for businesses and customers. Quality management can be necessary to comply with the law, safety (and other) standards, but can also be used proactively to promote growth and ensure satisfied customers – as is the case at WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik in Haslev. WILLBRANDT is a supplier in anti-swing and shock absorbers and compensators in rubber and steel. The company beefed up its quality assurance by appointing its first Quality Manager, Anette Bernbom, in August 2019.
“Quality is not just about products at WILLBRANDT. Quality concerns the entire business, its employees, management, environment and production,” explains Johnny Anekjær.That’s why the company has elected to increase its focus on quality and ensure further development of its processes and products.”

The new Quality Manager, Anette Bernbom, has tackled the job with enthusiasm: “I am delighted to get to know the system, and to contribute to greater value creation for customers and the business by enhancing quality.”
Anette is a qualified auto mechanic, and has studied innovation, business and production optimisation. She has always worked with quality in one way or another.

WILLBRANDT’s focus on quality has long underpinned continuous growth for the company. 2018 was the best in its 25-year history to date. Consultants used to be hired for quality work, but the company felt it was time to employ its own in-house resource for this vital process.   “We want to ensure that we can always continue to supply the best products. We’re doing so in support of our customers, and to become an even better, proactive partner to them. Anette is perfect for this key role,” says CEO Johnny Anekjær.

Certifications are essential elements of quality, providing customers with reassurance, giving access to specific markets, whilst enhancing optimisation and growth. The primary responsibility of WILLBRANDT’s Quality Manager is to prepare the business for audit, when ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications are due for renewal.

ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management system. The governing principles are strong customer focus, motivation and the involvement of top management, along with concentrating on processes and continuous improvement.

WILLBRANDT’s certifications act as a proof of quality, and have major significance in terms of competitiveness.  “They provide reassurance for customers that we supply uniform, high quality products. We are a manufacturing company delivering to such sectors as rail, military and marine, making it important for us to be able to prove our dedication to high quality,” explains Anette.
Anette also states that she has always found that quality is essential with regards to market share and customer perception of a company. Her views are confirmed by surveys conducted by businesses that have been ISO 9001 certified. A large proportion of them report higher customer satisfaction and demand.
Anette has often found that quality assurance is regarded as a necessary evil, and very complicated.   “I don’t see it that way,” she says.  “I believe in putting everything into system, avoiding nasty surprises. I like being in control and prevention always looks better on the bottom line than cure!”

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