WILLBRANDT supplies a wide range of products and components for railway. In cooperation with our partners, we have an extensive program, which enables us to supply most of the products needed in the market.

Our product specialists have extensive knowledge of the unique requirements for the various trains and bogies and are happy to assist and advice you with any inquiries.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and approved by TransQ.  



air spring

Secondary Air Spring Systems



Rubber profiles & sealings for doors, windows, boxes and floor

We can make your sealing profile from a small sample or drawing according to the newest standards as EN 45545-2/3. There are numerous applications for profiles sealing and molded parts in the railcar bodies.

WILLBRANDT supplies and develops all the rubber parts for vibration damping, noise reduction or sealing. We manufacture various bespoke gaskets and rubber frames for windows or doors. In addition to this, we offer a wide range of standards articles such as gangway rubber bellows for trains. 

Workshop equipment

Lifting equipment is essential for a well working workshop. WILLBRANDT can help you with tailor made solutions aiming to make your workshop a safe environment to work in. We offer a wide aspect of solutions ranging from roof working platforms for buses and trains to underfloor lifting systems for maintenance work underneath the vehicles. 

WILLBRANDT can also help you with equipment for ultrasonic testing of wheels, diagnostic stations for wheelsets and integrated bogie workshops. We offer solutions in cooperation with highly qualified companies, thus ensuring our costumer get the best possible solution.  

Interior for trains

Interior for trains

We supply train seats of high quality. The service includes both production of new seats as well as renovation of old seats and bunks and beds for sleeping cars. Both the inner seat foam structures as well as cover fabric and leather surfaces are made in materials approved according to EN 45545-2 HL3.

Power pack parts

Due to vibrations occurring at various points in trains and on locomotives during operation it is not possible to have rigid connections particularly at the engine frame/power pack. 

We offer:

  • Expansion joints for the connection of water or exhaust gas pipes
  • Hoses for cooling and air intake
  • Pleated hoses/spiral hoses as robust extensions for the connection of pipes subject to pressure or vacuum
  • Bends for engines / drives for tight, short connections
  • Clamps to mount the hoses
  • Belts

Depending on on-site application, diffrent qualities and materials can be processed for the inner tube and outer covering. In additions to these products we supply vibration mounts. 

Overhaul and renovation

WILLBRANDT supplies various solutions and is aiming to lower energy, time and expenses of air spring systems by offering a one stop shop solution regarding assembly, repair, replacement and testing.

We offer a service where we replace the rubber bellow on air springs but maintain the steel and thereby saving both money and resources as well as lowering the environmental impact. At the end we carry out the final leakage test and documentation.

We press bushings and spherical bearings of rods and housings in and out. Our experts also handle all testing and documentation to ensure optimal performance.

If you prefer to carry out overhaul and testing at your own site, we can supply test benches, and other equipment for your workshop.

Get the best solution

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or special requests. We are happy to help with recommendations to find the best solution. Through our network of producers and developers we can always ensure competent advice and high-level service to our customers.


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