Ready for winter?

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Ready for winter?

– and have you bought-in the spare parts you need?

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik is already geared for winter, thanks to our sales and production of spare parts ready for when winter really bits, leaving the landscape covered in a blanket of white snow.
Over the decades, we’ve built a reputation as a reliable supplier of spare parts and consumables, and are always ready when winter arrives.

Get through winter safely

Fast, thorough clearing of working areas during the winter months is a problem for many enterprises, which is why more and more buy-in snow-clearance under contract. Spare parts for such contractors play a vital role in the service they offer. The best possible care of specific surfaces is essential for successful snow-clearance, ensuring they are cleared completely and that the customer is satisfied.
WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik has a wide range of components for snow-clearance, including stocks and manufacture of snow plough blades in rubber, polyurethane (PUR), steel only and steel with inserts in any dimension and length.
We will also cut, drill and mill components to ensure they can be fitted upon delivery, ensuring fast, easy replacement of worn parts.

Quality is everything to WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik. That’s why we also focus on delivering products that will last. We know that long-lasting products mean a reduction in maintenance costs. That’s valuable to the customer, who can offer more competitive prices for snow clearance to their own customers thanks to reduced overheads, winning a competitive advantage on their own market.
Because, not only do we focus on our customers, but we look further along the entire chain to our customer’s customers, adapting growth, production and innovation to create a market that will allow our customers to become more competitive.

WILLBRANDT can offer a complete, high-quality range of polyurethane (PUR) products that, in addition to wear-parts, includes new products, such as snow plough blades and scrapers, plus customised-solutions that require considerable know-how.
Polyurethane is a substance in very wide use nowadays in industry and the home. We see it all around us in membranes, seals, shoe soles, car parts, shoes and winter services. It comes in different degrees og hardness, from soft and elastic to hard and rigid. Whichever degree is needed, polyurethane is extremely-resistant to solvents, petrol and oil, can withstand extreme weather and UV radiation. Polyurethane therefore has everything needed to resist wind and rain, making it ideal for the production of components for winter service contractors.

We believe strongly in being able to offer the highest-quality spare parts to our customers, and our massive range of winter service products makes WILLBRANDT a unique partner, able to ensure profitable operation, durability and specially-designed solutions ensure our customers can deliver.
WILLBRANDT will never compromise when it comes to profitable solutions. When value is created all the way along the value chain, success follows at each link, something WILLBRANDT ensures and lives on. Quality, unique solutions and long durability.

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