Snowplough blades

Snowplough blades

We supply a wide range of different types of snowploughs blades and slush blades. We always have pre-cut and pre-drilled blades for the most common types of ploughs in stock, such as Meiren, Øveraasen, Schmidt, Tellefsdal, Holms, Snowline, Mählers, Arctic, ES and Villeton. We have, therefore, short delivery time for these ploughs.

If you are in need of something more unique, we can also handle that. We supply blades in rubber, PUR, steel and combi blades with ceramic, all adapted to the particular circumstances and snow that they are developed for.     

rubber snowplough blades

Rubber blades

We supply rubber blades in many depths and widths. If needed, we adjust the length and drill holes. We have all common depths of 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm and lengths up to 3200 mm in stock, we can, therefore, deliver within short time.  

Rubber type: SBR/NR 80 to 85 Shore A

Rubber with reinforcement net

A rubber blade with reinforcement net – this blade is more durable than an ordinary rubber blade.

We supply blades with reinforcement net in many withs and depths. If needed, we adjust length and drill holes. We have the common widths of 40 and 50 mm and lengths up to 3200 mm in stock we can therefore deliver within short time.

Polyurethane blades (PUR)

PUR blades are more durable than rubber. We supply many withs and depts, if needed we adjust the length and drill holes. We have the common lengths and depths on stock such as for example EP9 for Øveraasen, and we can, therefor, deliver with short notice. 

Hardness: 80-95 Shore A.  

snowplough blades in steel

Steel blades

The steel blade is suitable for the rough climate and more durable than the PUR blades. Steel blades area also good for straitening road edges.  

We stock blades in Brinell hardness 500.

carbide snowplough blades

Carbide blades

This blade is a strengthened steel blade, suitable for hard ice.

Our carbide blades have a high Brinell value.

Rubber snowplough blade

Combi blades

Highly efficient blades, made of three different elements. First Hardox® front and rear plates, then there are corundum or carbide shock absorbing segments, and finally a special rubber infill. Together this makes a unique and special blade which is quiet, wear resistant and shock absorbing.  

This blade wears less on the asphalt and provides a better working environment by being shock-absorbent, thereby causing less vibration in the driver’s cab.

We can deliver our combi blades in all sizes and adapted with holes according to requirement.


Are you in need of accessories for your snowplough?
We have a board assortment and we are happy to help you finding the right parts.

We have, among other:

  • Various suspensions
  • Buffers and dampers in rubber and polyurethane
  • Gliding shoes
  • Vibration dampers
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Spreader disc and bushing for NIDO salt spreader units

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