Steel Expansion Joints

We are specialized in the design of expansion joints with stainless-steel bellows as the flexible element. The bellows is rolled or hydraulically formed from one or more layers of stainless-steel plates.

The use of multiple layered stainless-steel compensators provides several advantages. The bellows can manage high temperatures and absorb considerable movements in an axial, lateral and angular direction, without causing stress on the pipe system from major adjusting forces. It gives a reduction in weight and space and offers a high level of safety due to high bursting resistance.

The bellows can be manufactured in diverse variations. The bellows geometry can be adapted in line with requirements due to the flexible production equipment. Since the bellows is manufactured from thin sheeting, it is a delicate construction. Only through assembling with a steel construction, suitable for the application, does it become a multifariously usable component.

The material, the number of layers and thickness of the individual layers of the stainless-steel bellows are specified according to the pressure, temperature and medium. The layers of metal plates are welded individually with a longitudinal seam into a cylinder and are then pushed inside each other.

This multilayer cylinder is milled to the previously computed bellows geometry or is hydraulically shaped into a bellows and is then subsequently welded onto the required pipe ends or flanges.

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