Wind Energy is GREEN Energy

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Wind Energy is GREEN Energy

The total global capacity for wind turbines has increased massively over the last decade, and they are without doubt a major source of sustainable energy for the future.
They are the biggest flexible, rotating machines in the world, with blade lengths of over 80 metres, and towers of over 100 metres – and as wind turbine manufacturers and their suppliers of consumables and wear parts develop stronger , more resistant components, their scalability will be greater and sustainability enhanced.
Wind energy helps ensure better global energy, with better competitiveness on the global market to follow.
Denmark has been a leader in this field for many years and represents a global beacon.

“Wind turbines are the strongest weapon in the fight for the climate. WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik is very proud to supply components to the wind industry, helping to take and fulfil our share of responsibility for a sustainable future,” says the Managing Director of WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A/S, Johnny Anekjær.
WILLBRANDT has built a reputation over the years as a solutions-oriented, innovative and flexible partner within wind energy.
“When we’re talking about the wind industry, it’s vital that we are innovative, as no one has really achieved full sustainability on this front yet. Statistics tell us that wind energy accounts for 43% of total electricity consumption in Denmark at this time, so there’s still a long way to go before we reach 100% sustainability. But we are well on the way, and WILLBRANDT will of course focus on supplying components that always ensure the best quality and sustainability as the wind  industry progresses. We never rest on our laurels, constantly developing our components and personnel, always keeping track of the latest developments and the quest for sustainability. We think in terms of new solutions, and apply our experience from the maritime and railway industries to produce components, with high quality and long service life.”

There are round 5700 wind turbines  on land, and about 600 in offshore wind farms in Denmark. That puts Denmark at the top of the global league in terms of the percentage of production of wind energy.
Denmark is predicted to be the leading country in the field of sustainable energy in the world by 2022, when no less than 70% of its electricity will come from wind energy.
But the Asian nations, with China in the lead, are coming up fast, and currently account  for about one-third of world energy production.
Nor can we forget the USA, with six out of ten of the world’s biggest wind farms on land.
Over the last decade, Germany has accounted for most new wind energy installations, followed by the UK and France.
“Wind turbines are key to being able to phase out fossil fuels, and meet government targets,” says Johnny Anekjær.
“When energy produced from oil, coal and natural gas is cut back, we emit much lower levels of greenhouse gases. Denmark has excellent wind conditions, and wind turbines are nothing new for us, especially when it concerns the production of sustainable energy.”

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik covers a wide spectrum of elastomers in addition to rubber and polyurethane. WILLBRANDT supply special solutions to the offshore industry, such as fender systems to protect ships and turbine towers, and for offshore transportation.

Each wind turbine in Denamark can help replace electricity production from a coal-fired plant.
“That’s not only good news for the environment, but saves society the enormous cost of importing coal and other fuels.
By using wind energy, we save huge amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Wind energy is the future, and will replace fossil fuels,” concludes Johnny Anekjær.

Wind energy is sustainable energy at the end of the day. What’s more, it’s a solution that tackles the problem of climate change.
A problem not only facing Denmark, but the entire world.
WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik A/S is a global partner – a guarantee of innovation, quality and fast delivery.

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