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Winter Services

So far – both at the end of 2019 and at the start of 2020 – winter has been slow in coming.
We are already well into the winter period, but whether we will ever see the beautiful snow cover of winter is still uncertain – at least here at the start of the year. If nothing else, we may see snow at the end of 2020. Nevertheless, it is important for many contractors to ensure that they have the necessary agreements and components in place long before winter arrives.

At WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik, it is not unusual to start talking about ‘winter preparations’ with our customers already in early spring.
“For contractors offering other businesses ‘winter services’, it is important that machinery – as well as products/components and wearing parts – is ready BEFORE winter arrives,” explains Ali Strømsborg from WILLBRANDT, who is product manager for the winter industry.

The WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik product range includes products and parts for contractors, highway authorities and airports to ensure passable roads and safety in areas affected by difficult winter conditions.
“It is important to combat treacherous road conditions and clear snow in areas serving many people every day and ensure that safety is a top priority. This includes airports, commercial areas and the entire public road network,” explains Ali Strømsborg.
“Our winter service is designed to ensure passability for everyone – to ensure that roads and pavements are not slippery and that safety is a top priority. At WILLBRANDT, we manufacture and supply components – be they new products manufactured in partnership with our customers or general standard products such as wearing parts. With our products, we ensure that contractors and the highway authorities are able to clear snow on the roads and in other areas without leaving mounds of snow or roads that have not been adequately cleared which poses a risk that the remaining snow freezes and becomes ice and turns everything into an ice rink.”

Most partnerships between the winter services companies and their clients, i.e. the bodies that order these winter services, require that contractors must have prepared their equipment, received and installed the equipment (at least on a trial basis) before the commencement of the standby period. It is the responsibility of contractors to ensure that their equipment is functional throughout the standby period.
“At WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik, we advise our customers on the equipment required to provide the best level of snow clearance. We prioritise quality and durability and ensure our customers the best components, whether they are rubber, polyurethane or steel,” says WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik’s technical manager for winter services components.
“We offer a very wide range of snow clearing equipment and spare parts for airports, highway authorities and contractors.”

Over the decades, WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of wearing parts and consumables.
“At WILLBRANDT, we advise on choice of materials and toughness. We are also able to offer cutting and drilling services which means that we supply products that are ready for installation,” says Ali Strømsborg.

We specialise in airports

WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik specialises in airports for which we have developed a composite material that provides up to 40% longer service life compared to other polyurethane snow plough blades.
“We are also able to supply parts for all the ploughs normally used at airports. We supply other components as well such as wheel chocks. Our extensive range of components and expertise in many different industries make us an attractive partner,” concludes Ali Strømsborg from WILLBRANDT Gummiteknik.

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