Workshop Equipment

Workshop equipment

WILLBRANDT can help you with a full range of equipment for the professional workshop. We offer solutions from highly qualified suppliers who all have many years of experience and high expertise within their specific products.

Through our partners within the engineering industry, we can also assist with workshop design. Below you can find an overview of our suppliers, spanning from lifting equipment to washing halls.


Product range includes lifting jacks for handling trains, bogies, and equipment. Working platforms for trains and buses ensuring a safe working environment.


Manufacturer of wheel lathes, both above floor and under floor in single and tandem. Also offers laser equipment for measuring wheels.


Develops both stationary and mobile, ultrasonic measuring instruments for quality assurance of axles and wheels.


Produces dynamic test benches, test equipment for brakes,  pantographs, power supplies and more.


Manufacturer of bogie presses for testing and dismantling, wheel presses, bogie drops, testers for springs and more for complete maintenance.


Produces mobile precision equipment for measuring and analyzing wheel profile, brakes, rails, and switches.


Manufacturer of complete environmentally friendly washing facilities, both stationary and mobile. Everything within emptying, sanding, and de-icing.


Environmentally friendly shunters for manoeuvring trains and towing equipment on both rails and workshop floors.


Doorway solutions with insulating cover systems for both external and indoor gates as well as washing and de-icing facilities.


Manufacturer of wheel hub boring and axle machining equipment.


Offers tailored railway engineering services for its clients, adapts to the needs of their workshops and provides global solutions.


Provides portable weigher for railway vehicles.

Get the best solution

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or special requests. We are happy to help with recommendations to find the best solution. Through our network of producers and developers we can always ensure competent advice and high-level service to our customers.


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Area Manager
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